Drawing courses for beginners

Academy of Fine Arts of Quebec.


The course introduces the beginner student to basic drawing techniques. From various exercises, aimed at integrating the notions of lines, proportions, perspective, construction, composition and tones, the student discovers drawing through the techniques of graphite, charcoal and dry pastel.


Course description

Course 1 - Materials and tools
Presentation of the technique of graphite, charcoal and dry pastel (mediums, papers and techniques).

Course 2 - Introduction to the technique of graphite and linear drawing
Pressure and line control on the paper. Learning linear drawing: geometrization of shapes (block-in), relationships between shapes, ratios of proportions, positive spaces and negative spaces.

Course 3 - Perspective
Introducing the perspective with one vanishing point, 2 vanishing points and 3 vanishing points. Exercise of imagination and observation.

Course 4 - The construction of geometric shapes
Initiation to the construction of simple geometric shapes by integrating the notions of perspective. Construction of a sphere, a cube, a cylinder and a cone.

Course 5 - Light and shadow
Analysis of the effects of light and shadow on simple shapes and study of the appropriate lighting to obtain interesting volumes. Understanding of the shadow line and the hierarchy of tones.

Course 6 - Composition
Presentation of the rule of thirds and the golden ratio. Analysis of different master compositions. Composition exercises from abstract spots.

Course 7 - The observation drawing
Observational drawing exercise based on a simple subject. Initiation to the comparative drawing method. Integration of notions of perspective, construction and tones.

Course 8 - The master copy
Initiation to the master's drawing copies. Analysis of the appropriate technique and integration of linear drawing and tonal drawing techniques.

Course 9 - The charcoal technique
Charcoal drawing exercise with the additive and subtractive method. Analysis of the pattern created by light and shadow on the subject and simplification of it.

Course 10 - The dry pastel technique
Presentation of the dry pastel technique on half-tone paper. Grayscale drawing exercise. Understanding of the transition between the different tones.



Spring Session 2022

  • Every Tuesday night 6 PM to 9 PM, from April 26 to June 28 (Teacher: Mélodie Beaupré)


Autumn Session 2022

  • Every Monday night 6 PM to 9 PM, from October 3rd to December 5th (Teacher: Mélodie Beaupré)



Semester : 10 courses of 3 h – 615 $ +taxes


IMPORTANT: Before enrolling, we require that you first contact us to make an appointment for a free preliminary interview.

A 10% discount for full-time students can be applied if we are notified.


Introduction to drawing for adults - Autumn 2022

TEACHERS: Mélodie Beaupré
615,00 $